Please, No More Death By Webinar! Your Answer Isn't On A Free Webinar

Please, For The Love Of All That’s Good In The World… No More Death By Webinar!

By Team GYP | List Building

Oct 27
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Your answer isn't on a free webinar

How often have you sat through hours and hours of endless yadayadayada? You signed up for a webinar that was going to change your life. You KNEW it would have the answer you were seeking. You KNEW it was what you needed to hear right now and OMG how freakin' awesome and spooky that the ad just showed up in your news feed right when you were looking for the answer??? and wow how about the fact that the invitation popped in to your email inbox only moments after you'd been Googling the question????

Queue sound of screeching breaks as the metaphorical movie comes to a crashing halt… pause… stop… the webinar is over, you got your fix, you felt high at the start, but now you're empty again and you NEED more.

You're destined for greatness! But if that's the case, why is it soooo hard to achieve?

Every day a new success story pops up on social media. Yet again there's an advert on FB from someone you've never heard of telling you they made a gazillion dollars in a nanosecond. They'll tell you EXACTLY what they did to get there and all you've got to do is watch their webinar…

The problem?

Their webinar will be another 2 hour snoozefest where they'll spend most of the time telling their ‘amazing' rags to riches story. Then they'll spend 15 mins telling you what they did to make all that lovely lolly. Then they'll do their sales pitch and finish with a Q&A.

One of two things will happen:

1. You'll be so fired up having been seduced by the rags to riches story that you'll buy whatever they're selling (even if you have to use the credit card you swore you'd stop using), after all, success is CERTAIN with this, isn't it?!?

2. Alternatively you'll wonder why you keep falling for the pitch, and why the lure of fast success keeps making you sign up for those bloody boring webinars.

Certain Success? Unlikely.

Many of the business owners I've worked with (and hundreds of business owner I know) have bought thousands of £$£$'s worth of courses and programs from webinars and they're no further forward than they were before.

It's a sad fact that most online courses are never completed. WHY? Because the business owner gets sidetracked by the next shiny object they see on the next webinar.

WHY? Webinars are all about the WHAT, not the HOW.

OK, so perhaps I'm being a tad unfair…

Some webinars are fantastic, they're full of great content.

BUT on the whole they follow the same damn pattern because the people delivering them have all bought the same ‘pitch your business by webinar' courses.

Tell me this, when you want to buy a new sofa do you watch endless webinars learning how the manufacturer went from zero to hero? How about when you want to hire an accountant or a plumber??? No, I didn't think so.

It's crazy how we ALL get sucked in to the webinar vortex. Yes, WE includes ME. I spent more time than I'd like to admit watching webinars in the hope that I'd discover a missing piece of the business puzzle. You know what? If there was a missing piece, it wasn't being given away for free in those webinars. My businesses didn't fail or fly on the basis of any webinar I ever watched.

So what do you do instead?

1. Be discerning – if there's someone whose content you really like, watch the webinar, take lots of notes and IMPLEMENT at least one thing within 24 hours. If you didn't hear something you can implement, then the webinar was a waste of your time. Sorry, not sorry, but that's the test for whether the webinar was useful.

2. Don't watch webinars for the sake of it, or just to find ‘the answer' because that's the piece the biz owner will want to charge you for; they won't give it away for free on a webinar.

3. Hire a coach, mentor or business specialist to help you – someone who knows and understands business (‘real' and virtual) and who can help you stay on course and reach your goals. It doesn't have to be me, although I'd be honoured to help you if we're a match for each other.

When you truly start running your business and stop spending hours sat in front of webinars, you'll begin to see tangible results. THEN you'll be so busy you won't even have time to watch a webinar 

Go be GREAT!!

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