You Only Need Three Things To Grow Your Business And Get Results

The Top Three Things You Need To Grow Your New Business?

By Team GYP | List Building

Nov 03
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You only need three things to grow your business. If you've recently started a new business you might be wondering where to spend your time to get the fastest growth and best results. If you're wondering what you need to grow your business, this post will help you!

Three Things You Need To Grow Your Business


The first thing you'll need is a steady stream of people coming in to your sphere of influence. your sphere of influence includes your Facebook page (business PAGE, not personal profile!), your Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, networking events in fact anywhere and everywhere that you meet people (on and offline). The tech term for this is TRAFFIC, but in simple terms it's just a flow of people that find you on social media, through networking, from your blog etc. These are the people you want to ‘funnel' in to your sales process with the intention of talking to them and helping them to buy what you have to sell. This is YOU solving THEIR problem!


Now that you've got all that lovely traffic (see above) you need a way to get the traffic through to a lead and then in to a client. This is your system. It's called a funnel too. Essentially it's a hands-off system that you use to guide people from your capture point to the ultimate goal of becoming a client or customer. This will include an email system so that you can capture their email address and name. That way you can send them your best content, along with information about the products and services that you offer.


Your system will flag certain individuals as potential clients or customers. They're the people who opened and read your emails, who downloaded your opt in gift, who likely also your bought your lowest priced offering. Potential clients will also find you through your sphere of influence, and they may bypass your system altogether by coming directly to you. When you meet potential clients (on or off-line) it's your opportunity to share how you can help them eradicate their problems. Spend time getting to know them, ask questions, give them something for free that will give them an immediate win or solve one of their smaller, more immediate problems.

If these three things are what you DO need, then what DON'T you need?

What you don't NEED:

A shiny, fully branded website

An expensive photo-shoot

A shopping cart

Credit card processing

Fully functioning CRM

Membership site

Specialist software to create landing pages / opt-in pages etc.

There'll be a huge temptation in the early stages of your business to rush out and buy all sorts of Bright Shiny Objects. Please, resist those temptations. Your most important task with a new business is to start making money. Then you need to make more money than you spend! Once you have that underway, then you can start to spend money investing in more complex systems and software to help you run your empire efficiently.

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