Ride The Bike Already! (or stop thinking, start doing, action gets results!) -

Ride The Bike Already! (or stop thinking, start doing, action gets results!)

By Team GYP | Mindset

Nov 01
stop thinking, start doing, action gets results

ACTION is what gets results! So stop thinking and start doing

I did a FB Live the other day, it was called ‘Ride The Darn Bike'. I'd just got off a call with a client and was all fired up after having had this exact conversation with them.

We were talking about their commitments for the week ahead. They'd failed to do the thing they committed to on our last call and I'd done some loving but tough ‘coaching' about why it was important for them to do the work. The client said “ok so I'm going to work on coming up with a strategy to help me do this thing”. That was their commitment for the coming week. I sighed a little inside… That's when it came right out of my mouth…

ME: It's like riding a bike isn't it?!

Client: hhmmm

ME: Well, let's say you can't ride a bike but you want to ride a bike. So you buy a load of books about riding bikes. You read loads of things on the internet. You watch endless webinars about rising bikes. You write and rewrite a strategy for riding the bike. You call everyone you know who already rides a bike and ask them how they do it. You then realise you need to know how to get on the bike, how to sit on the bike, how to stop the bike, how to turn the bike and now you're feeling scared about riding the bike, so you decide to create a strategy for riding the bike. You keep putting it off.

You don't ride the bike.

But in actual fact the one thing you absolutely should do if you ever want to learn to ride the bike is to actually get on the damn bike and learn to ride it. Firstly you push with your feet. You wobble but you move a few inches forward. The next day you try again, you get a bit further. Before you know it you're riding that bike all over town.

It all comes back to action ACTION ACTION- Stop thinking, start doing, action gets results

You can write strategy until the cows come home but if you don't ever take action all of your planning will have been a great big waste of time.

How long have you been putting off doing something???? I bet its years!!! STOP it already and just do it. Because if you start today then you'll be a lot further forward than you are right now. But if you keep putting it off more years will go by and you'll not get anywhere.



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