Perfectionism Kills Businesses More Than Lack Of Money! -

Perfectionism Kills Businesses More Than Lack Of Money!

By Team GYP | Marketing

Nov 07
perfectionism kills businesses more than lack of money

Perfectionism kills businesses more than lack of money ever did!

Yes, perfectionism kills businesses. OK so I can't back that bold statement up with cold hard stats, but I can tell you that I see a lot of business owners fail or limp along earning ok money but never really breaking free of their 9-5 or ‘other job'.

Why? Because they're too afraid of imperfection to just get out there and try things.

How will they know what their clients and customers love enough to buy if they don't talk to them?

This doesn't mean engage in idle chitchat or conduct surveys that no-one answers. NO. It means putting you and your business out there in front of people.

There's a lot of testing goes on in a business. You have an idea for a product or service, or a random thought about life that you think your ideal clients might be interested in. The logical next step would be to put it out there in front of those ideal clients. The perfect next step would be to TALK ABOUT IT. But for many business owners this is where they stop. Or worse still, this is where they procrastinate (more on this tomorrow – see HERE).

The fear of imperfection stops them from talking to their ideal clients and sharing what they're offering.

Lots of business owners would love to do video content, or Facebook Lives etc but they don't because they don't like how they look on video. They might consider doing audio instead, and just use a powerpoint slide presentation so they don't have to show their face. BUT then they remember that they don't like how they sound either. So they do nothing. They shelve the plan, the idea, the thought. They carry on just carrying on. Living in mediocrity because they didn't care enough about the goal to just get out there and talk to people.

It's ok to fail.

It's ok to look like you and to sound like you.

If the great inventors had been too afraid of imperfection we wouldn't have the lightbulb, or desktop computers, or rockets.

It's not actually about you in the end, it's about the people who need what you have. It's about showing up for THEM. So here's some tough love:

Get over yourself

Start showing up



or stop moaning about having to hold down a job you hate while you build your dream business because if you really wanted the dream you'd do whatever it takes to get it NOW!

You'd do it NOW.

Not tomorrow.

Not when you look better.

Not when you sound better.

Not whatever…

You'd do it NOW because the passion is so intense that it's burning a hole in you.

And you know what? There's not even anything to fear anyway because in the early days hardly anyone sees your stuff anyway. Look at it this way, if you've hardly got any following then the only people whoo'll watch your stuff are family, friends and fans (I call these the 3F's) and they'll love it no matter what. By the time more people are watching your videos or downloading your audios you'll be practised and polished. BUT that will never happen if you don't even start.

So, like I said, start now or quit. Start now or stay small. Start now or stay in struggle. There is no halfway. there is only all or nothing.


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