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  • What is Coaching?
    • Coaching helps individuals unlock their potential and maximise their performance. It focuses on the 'here and now' rather than re-living the past. It can assist with change and is widely used in business to help organisations reach their goals. Coaching works on the premise that the client ('coachee') already has the answers and knows what they want, even if they are currently unaware of it. Coaching is NOT someone telling you what to do and how to do it.

  • How Does Coaching Differ To Consulting?
    • Consultants will assess your situation and circumstances and give their expert opinion, providing their solution to your problem. This is in stark contrast to coaching where the skilled coach will help you create your own solutions. Coaching therefore has a huge benefit in that it creates greater 'buy in' from the coachee who is empowered by the process and therefore more likely to achieve their goals. 

  • How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Need?
    • Many coachees feel a benefit after only 1 coaching session, however, in my experience it takes around 6 sessions to gain lasting benefit.

  • How Long Does A Coaching Session Last?
    • A coaching session will last approximately 90 minutes. Again, this is in stark contrast to strategy calls or consulting which typically last between 20 minutes and 40 minutes. My service is bespoke, which means that we can tailor the duration of your coaching calls to fit in with your work or life commitments. 

  • How Often Will I Need A Coaching Call?
    • Most coachees schedule their calls at monthly intervals, which provides time for them to take action. However, calls can be scheduled closer together at the beginning of the coaching relationship or when working on time sensitive projects.

  • Do You Offer A Package Of Coaching?
    • Yes, I offer several different packages depending on your needs and my availability. They range from 20 minute quick-fire calls all the way up to 120 minute deep dive calls. Calls can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I also offer support between calls.

  • Do You Offer Face To Face Coaching?
    • Yes, I do. I usually reserve this for intensives, and will meet you either in your office or a meeting room space in a city close to your location.  I do offer face to face coaching for corporate clients, when working with their employees.

  • What Are Intensives?
    • Intensives are face to face coaching and strategy sessions that typically last for 4 hours. They are a useful deep dive experience if you want to take massive action and have a particular problem that requires assistance. Typical examples are: overcoming fear of visibility when you have a public speaking event on the horizon, a belief that you can't charge more when you want to launch a new premium product or service, fear of being on camera when you really want to reach your ideal clients using live-streaming video.

The ICF (Coach Federation), of which I am a member, have produced a leaflet called Unlock Your Potential which tells you more about coaching and gives answers to why you might consider working with a coach. You can download a free copy by clicking HERE (no opt in required).

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If you've got the answers you were looking for and are ready to find out how coaching can help YOU, I've made it really easy for you to book a call with me.

On the call we'll have a chat about where you're at in your business and what your dreams and aspirations are. 

I'll answer any remaining questions you have and if I think we'd be a great fit, I'll explain what your options are for working together.

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