Don't Let Your Setbacks Count For Nothing - Defeat Your Fears

Don’t Let Your Setbacks Count For Nothing

By Team GYP | Marketing

Oct 24
when you face a setback or fail to meet your goals Don't Let Your Setbacks Count For Nothing

When you face a setback or you fail to meet your goals, don't let that experience count for nothing. Setbacks and failures are essential for growth. Don't Let Your Setbacks Count For Nothing.

Are You Too Scared To Move Forward?

I was driving between appointments today when the car in front of me stopped at a red traffic light. That's what they're supposed to do, so I wasn't phased. BUT… when the light turned green, the car just sat there. It didn't move. Then it inched forward. I could see the driver looking left, and then right, and then left and then right… she kept inching forward checking the road was clear. She took so long to get away from the lights that I nearly didn't make it through, and I saw the lights change to red just as I crossed the junction.

I thought to myself “does this woman know where she's going?” I wondered if she was lost or perhaps just really cautious. She actually did exactly the same thing at every set of traffic lights so I'm guessing she was just really cautious.

There's a ton of inspirational quotes I could come up with that would relate to that cautious lady driver, which would also be entirely relevant to the business owner struggling to make a living running their own business.

  • Learn from your setbacks.
  • Defeat your fears.
  • Don't live life with the pause button permanently pressed.

I don't have to list out every one of them here, I think you know what I mean!

When you face a setback or you fail to meet your goals, don't let that experience count for nothing

What sets those who achieve success apart from those who don't, is really simple: it's their ability to use the experience to their advantage.

People who achieve success learn from everything that they do, good or bad. They keep testing, keep trying, keep moving forward. They don't see an end point other than ultimate success. They don't ‘feel' defeat. They don't believe that failure is an end point. To the successful person, failure was just a stopping point on their journey. To a successful person, failure is like a bus stop; just because the bus stops there doesn't mean they have to get off it.

Wondering Why You're Stuck And Not Making Money?

What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Why aren't you making the money you want to make? If you're struggling to get your business off the ground, for whatever reason, then reach out to someone who can help you. Don't push on regardless. You don't know what you don't know. Sometimes, the fastest way to success is to seek answers or help from someone who's already been on that journey and is at least a few ‘bus stops' ahead of you.

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