How Creativity Breaks Will Increase Your Productivity And Success -

How Creativity Breaks Will Increase Your Productivity And Success

By Team GYP | Mindset

Dec 13
creativity breaks increase productivity and success

Want to seriously increase your productivity and success in only 15 minutes per day?

I've started meditating again. I used to do it regularly several years ago but I got busier and stopped making time for it. It's crazy that being busy makes you stop meditating, when in actual fact it's the time you need it most! It's guaranteed to increase your productivity and success.

Anyway, that's all changed this year. I realised that I was getting bogged down in detail and as a result I was missing the big picture. I decided to make meditation part of my daily routine again. A great friend suggested an app called Insight Timer and I've been using that to make it easier to stick to my goal. I urge you to check it out, it's amazing and FREE and you can find out more about it HERE.

With the help of the app, and a dogged determination, I've now made meditating a part of my day: morning, lunchtime, bedtime. It's not the only ‘time-out' stuff I do, but I'll talk more about the other things in a later post.

Do you ever find yourself hunched over your desk in darkness because you didn't notice day turning to night?

I've been there, in that situation, on more than one occasion. I've been blinded by the desire to complete what I'm working on. I've gradually sunk lower and lower towards the desk, my eyes have become blinkered and my brain has become fixated. It's NOT the way to achieve GREATNESS!

It's interesting how the mind works. We think that pushing through and just getting s**t done at any cost is the way to get the success we want. The thing is, your brain needs nourishment. YOU need nourishment, especially if you want to perform at your best. Peak performance can only be achieved if you honour your mind and body. Daylight, Water, Food – you are no different to the plants in those fields; you need all three to live.

I've got great news though! One of the best parts about being human is that we get to do more than simply live! We get to follow our dreams.

Where dreams go, reality flows

Have you lost sight of your dreams? If so, chances are that you aren't taking enough breaks to nourishing your mind. If you aren't a fan of meditating then I'd like to encourage you to look at Creativity Breaks as an alternative. You can still use the Insight Timer app, just set it to the timer option. You can silence it if you don't want to use one of the pre-installed sounds.

The idea is to stop thinking about what you're doing and instead think about where you're going. What are your dreams? How would you be living your perfect life? Get some fresh air if you can. A 15 minute walk around the block will do you far more good than you might realise. Look at the birds, listen to the sounds around you.

You don't have to be out in nature, you can be in the city and still find a few moments of peace.

Do this every day, even if it's just for those precious 15 minutes and you'll be amazed at how much your productivity increases. After all, that was the basis of this post, wasn't it? How breaks increase productivity. Personally, I've found that I now have way more energy throughout the day. I also have sparks of ideas that enable me to do an even better job of reaching my ideal clients and serving those I already work with. My ideas are flowing so freely I can hardly keep p with them!

I guess, for the first time in my life, I'm fully in alignment. It feels different. I feel different. I'm more resilient and better able to navigate life's challenges and opportunities. I know where I'm going, and I'm confidently creating the next part of my life map every day. It's extremely liberating!

I urge you to start making time for creativity breaks to seriously increase your productivity and success.

What if your fears are keeping you stuck and preventing you from switching off for those 15 minutes?

Fear's a funny thing. It's there to keep you safe, but it can't distinguish between real fear and imagined fear. It's ok that your mind will wander. It's ok if you struggle to stop the mental chatter. The point is to start form where you are with what you've got, and not worry about whether you're doing it ‘right'. There is no right, there is just doing.

If you'd like to read more about fear, setbacks and failures I wrote about that HERE.

What next?

I'd love to know if you meditate too, and if you've tried the Insight Timer app. If you've tried to meditate but can't manage it for more than a second or two, let me know in the comments and I'll share some of the tips I use to keep me going when my mind wanders (which happens a lot more than you might think…).

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