Want to Create Success? Yes. Then why are you stopping yourself from doing whatever it takes to achieve the thing you most want?

It's not just you, though, is it? We all do it. It's something we do so easily and without thinking about it, we should probably just call it a habit.

The power of habit

It's a habit that's been on my mind a lot this past few days so I did a short Facebook Live about it today. You can see it HERE if you'd like to watch it. Anyway, I posed a question: Do you try to be less than you truly are? 

Way back when Facebook announced that we could do live videos from our business page, I decided that I'd do one every single day. The problem? Life and three businesses got in the way. I found reasons and excuses NOT to do Facebook Lives every day. Fast forward to today when I decided to come clean and share that I keep finding reasons not to do those pesky FB lives.

You want to do something, and you know you should do it too

Where in your life, business or relationships are you stopping yourself from doing what you a) want to do and b) know you should do?

Take time to think about this and answer the question honestly.

The trouble is that the longer you put change off, the more miserable you become. The more miserable you become, the less likely you are to implement the change required to deal with habits. The pain of the habit has to be worse than the action you have to take in order to change the habit. It's a circle, constantly going round and round. You want to change but it's easier and more comfortable to stay where you are.


Be all that you were born to be. Rise and shine. Truly. You're supposed to wake up, rise and shine not wake up, drag your sorry butt out of bed and stumble through your day hoping you'll make it to the end without too much catastrophe.

Just decide

You really do have the power already. All you have to do is decide. Decide what you are going to do, then act upon the decision. Without the decision, nothing will ever happen and you'll keep stopping yourself from doing whatever it takes to achieve the thing you most want.