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business needs boundaries and how boundaries maintain happiness and increase revenue
Oct 18

Why Your Business Needs Boundaries

By Team GYP | Client Care

Being encouraged to push boundaries can be genuinely helpful. It’s never a good idea to stay stuck in one place without expanding your physical, emotional or mental boundaries. It’s not just in personal relationships that we need boundaries, business needs boundaries too. When we fail to set boundaries, we end up trying to be all […]

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do you want to be happy? how to change your life. How to be happier.
Sep 28

Want To Be Happy? Do You? Really?

By Team GYP | Mindset

Seriously, do you REALLY want to be happy???? Really, truly, deeply happy? Here’s a spoiler alert – it’s YOUR choice. Yep, being happy is your choice. Thinking otherwise is simply fooling yourself and perpetuating the pain of unhappiness. I know this is true because there was a time when I wasn’t happy. I thought I […]

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success mindset coach-what-can-you-do-today-get-your-perfect-business-blog-post
May 09

What CAN You Do Today?

By Team GYP | Mindset

I CAN (Or, “what I say when I’m on Cann Lane“) Every Monday I drive home through the countryside. It’s a journey I love! I’m on my way home, I’m having a great day, and I’m enjoying the journey. There’s a particular point at which I often pull over and stop. There’s a lay-by. It’s become […]

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