Balance and Work - Do Some People Really Want To Work?

Some People Just Don’t Want To Work

By Team GYP | Client Attraction

Nov 02
balance and work some people dont want to work

Some People Do Not Want To Work?!

I've been thinking about balance and work. I wasn't sure how I was going to write about it, and then I had an interesting phone call with a contractor that I was looking to hire.

I'm looking for an electrician. We've got a couple of things we need sorting out at home that require the skills of a qualified electrician. So I got the name and number of someone from another contractor and I gave the chap a call.

I could tell it was going to be a tough call by the way he answered the phone…

I got the feeling that I was disturbing him and that he was only answering his phone because he felt obliged to.

I asked if he could do the first job we need doing. He said “not really”. He would be able to do something which was almost what we needed but in actual fact it would leave us in the exact same position we're in now. So I told him it was a no.

I then asked him if he could do the second job. Again he said “not really” then he asked where we were based. When I told him he just said “we won't travel that far” I told him it wasn't a problem and that I only called because he was recommended and that he had in fact been to the house on a job in the past. I told him I'd find someone else (I was now certain that he'd be the last person I'd hire anyway) and that was pretty much the end of the conversation.

I hung up and suddenly thought “wow some people really don't want to work do they?”

Why Run A Business If You Don't Want To Answer Your Phone?

If you run your own business you have to be attractive to potential customers. You can have off days but when that phone rings, if you commit to answering it then you should also commit to being your best self!

It's all too easy to lose business.

There's lots of competition out there.

If you're business isn't growing as well as you think it should be then the first place to start is by looking at you.

Why Is My Business Faltering At Every Hurdle?

It all ties in together too, doesn't it?! If you're miserable, if you're bored, if you answer work calls as though they're an intrusion then you can be sure that your entire life AND business is just going to feel like you're living in treacle.

To live in joy and abundance you've got to first believe it's possible.

To live in creation mode you've first got to believe it's possible.

To live in action you've first got to believe it's possible.


you've got to believe it's possible for YOU!!!!!

Balance and Work…

It's not about working 24/7. It's not about working until you're frazzled and exhausted. But on the other hand it's not about leaving it to the divine, or the universe, or fate either…

It's kind of about balance but then I try to avoid the word balance because frankly it's make-believe. Balance is some kind of nirvana that people strive for but never reach. You wanna know why??? Because balance is fleeting. Balance is achieved amidst the chaos of movement. You look at those weighing scales in your kitchen. When they reach the balance point do they stop moving, no they don't .

When you're balancing on a beam at school or the edge of a kerb, do you ever really stop moving?? No you don't. There are a zillion little nuanced movements that all keep the you balanced. It's constantly changing and moving.

But what does ‘work' actually mean?

So work means doing what you can, with what you've got from where you are in order to achieve your desired ‘goal'. Nothing more nothing less.




Do you love what you do?

Do you want to make more money doing what you love?

Are you an action taker?

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