How To Add Captions To Your Videos, Live Broadcasts, FB Lives ETC -

How To Add Captions To Your Videos, Live Broadcasts, FB Lives ETC

By Team GYP | Facebook

Nov 29
How To Add Captions To Your Videos, Live Broadcasts, FaceBook Lives and more

Have you ever wondered how to add captions to your videos, live broadcasts and Facebook Lives?

I'm about to show you just how easy it is to add captions to your videos!


I use Camtasia to create captions, and that's the software I use in this video training. There are other options available, if you don't want to go to the expense of buying video editing software.

YouTube and Facebook both have software that will add captions to your videos. Accuracy is somewhat sketchy if you use these options because they're created from your speech. As a result, if you speak fairly quickly (like I do) then your captions won't necessarily be accurate.

Want someone else to create your captions? will create captions for $1 per minute of video.

As you can see, if you are serious about using video for your business then you'll probably be best investing in the software because you'll find yourself quickly spending money with Rev anyway.

Why Use Captions?

It sounds obvious, but people are watching your videos on their phones. This creates a problem for video makers!

Your ideal clients are using Facebook and watching videos on their phones. As a result, they most likely can't hear what you're saying. They might be in work with the volume off their phone. They might be out in public, passing time on Facebook and without headphones. Whatever the reasons, chances are that they are NOT listening to what you're saying.

Adding captions to your videos will therefore help you reach a wider audience because you'll also be seen by those who can't hear what you're saying.

Since I started adding captions to my videos and FB Lives, my reach has grown on videos. I add captions after I've done the live broadcast. I go in to Facebook and add the captions to my saved video, as per the video training above! I've still got a long way to go with my reach. However, I'm attracting more comments and interaction that I did before the captions were part of my video routine.

What Next?

Now it's your turn. Go ahead and do a Facebook live and then create captions for it. I'd love to see what you create, so feel free to place a link in the comments below.



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