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Welcome! I'm Jane Rapin

Building your own business, from scratch, takes a huge leap of faith! I applaud you. You are one of life’s 1%ers.


Not only that, but I’m also betting that your business is your passion. You FEEL it. You KNOW it. You’ve also started to realise that there’s a missing piece, and you’ve been spending what you earn trying to find it.


Well, ‘X’ marks THIS spot. That missing piece? it’s MINDSET, or more specifically your thoughts, beliefs and habits.


My passion is helping ambitious female entrepreneurs, just like you, bring their business and life goals to life through a combination of targeted mindset work (the same stuff I use myself to create all of my successes) and commercially focused strategy (the nuts and bolts of growing successful businesses).

Here's My Story

I grew up knowing I was meant for something incredible, even though I grew up in an ordinary family where there was never really enough cash. Luckily we were rich in love (as cheesy as it sounds!) and I was encouraged in everything that I did.


Almost without realising it, I began taking a particular direction. I set up a tuck shop for the kids on our street. I sold books from the local bookstore at a profit to kids at school. I began to harbour a dream...making my own money (Lots of it!).


Fast forward to age 17, I’ve just had a baby, bought a house with my boyfriend and started a business. It was great, for a while. We made a comfortable six-figures, had a great lifestyle and no money worries. Then at age 22, it came crashing down. I was a single parent, and I was broke. My “something incredible” had vanished, and I had to start all over again...from scratch

I’d learnt a lot from running a business but I needed to make a living fast so it was time to reinvent myself. Before I knew it, I was using my business skills to manage teams in a range of industries as an interim manager and this quickly grew into coaching and mentoring too.


Then I had a car crash that took me out of work. As a result, I lost my home, my employment and my self esteem. I was really at rock bottom. But I still had my determination to succeed. I knew I could reinvent myself and create success from nothing. This time I moved to another country to make a fresh start.

So here I was again, facing yet another “start from scratch with nothing” moment!


This time, I started again by coaching and mentoring the long-term unemployed as part of a government initiative. It was during this time that I realised how much I loved helping people change their lives. So when the initiative came to an end, I went to college to get my A Levels, and then went on to university to read Law.


Fast forward a few years and I’d just qualified as a lawyer at one of the UK’s top 45 law firms.

I love law, but I knew what I loved more than anything was seeing people achieve their dreams and go for what they truly want. So I left private practice and went solo again.


And that brings me to today.

In every business I’ve had, whether it be relationship coaching, matchmaking, business coaching, life coaching, retail, haulage or manufacturing (and yes I’ve had multiple-six figure successes in ALL these areas) the one thing above all others that was responsible for creating those successes was MINDSET.

Here’s the THING: I know my strategy, and I’ve got a serious legal brain that’s wired for detail.


But without mindset, strategy alone just won’t cut it.

It doesn’t matter how much work you do to grow your business (or find your perfect match or live your perfect life), it won’t be complete or sustainable without also working on your thoughts and beliefs. The inner enemy.


So, I’m here to help you get out of your own way, overcome self doubt, dispel negativity and find your passion, your gift.

In Get Your Perfect I’ve found the perfect vehicle to help ambitious female entrepreneurs just like you to finally achieve the business success you're capable of.

Something magical happens when women like you get in to Mindset action, EVERYTHING changes. Everything, including your business, your relationships and your life.


This is the missing piece!

Can I Help You, Too?

Yes, If You're

  • an ambitious female business owner or entrepreneur
  • ready to embrace a little bit of woo-woo (especially when it's backed by results!!)
  • fed up of quick fixes and ready to take BOLD action NOW
  • want everything your heart desires (and more!)

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • I played badminton at County level
  • I can fly an aeroplane
  • I’m from Yorkshire, UK, where we say “owt” instead of “anything”
  • I trained as a matchmaker in LA, with Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker fame
  • I’ve got a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property and Employment Law (with an emphasis on Sports law)

I have undergone Business and Personal Coach specific training with Barefoot Coaching and The University of Chester. I am now working towards a Post-Graduate Certificate, this post-graduate qualification is endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists . I am a member of the ICF (Coach Federation).

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