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Business and Mindset Coaching for entrepreneurs who quit corporate to be their own boss. 

I help Certified Coaches to build a successful coaching business!

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Welcome! I'm Jane Rapin, and I help certified coaches and consultants build a profitable business with sustainable business strategies and practical mindset techniques that get results. 

Business and mindset coaching is for you if you started your own coaching or consulting business to enjoy personal and financial freedom, and you want to stop spinning your wheels and double or triple your current income. If that's you, you're in the right place!  

YOU know you're great at what you do! You KNOW your clients get results. BUT you're stuck at an income plateau, struggling to attract consistent leads and failing to close enough sales calls.

You love coaching, you know that it makes a huge difference to the lives of the people you work with.

You want to start making more money, but to do that you know you've got to attract more enquiries and close more sales.

You also know that you need a bit more help to develop the skills of a great sales person and to become a really effective marketer for your business and the services you offer.

You're ready to Get Your Perfect business and live your perfect life

I'm here to help you!

Are You In The Right​ Place?

Congratulations on starting your business! Seriously, that's a HUGE step and I genuinely applaud you.

I work with high-flyers, Type A personalities who ditched their cushy corporate career in favour of being their own boss. If this is YOU, then, YES, you are definitely in the right place and a perfect fit to achieve more success with the help of my business and mindset coaching.

Take imperfect action until it becomes perfect action.”

It's YOUR Time To Shine

Starting your own business was a huge decision for you!

You agonised about it. You wondered whether or not it would be able to replace your regular income.

You HOPED it would make you more money for working fewer hours.

In short, your dream was HUGE. It made you feel more alive than you’d felt in years.

So you started small, you took on clients in your spare time. You watched the free webinars, took the mini-trainings, applied the free information. Gradually, you built the basics of a business. You were still very excited! So you bought your first group program.


But something was still missing. So you bought another group program. Then you bought some tech and some software, and possibly a lighting set for videos, a microphone for podcasts, a camera for webinars… the list of purchases grew, the money dwindled, the excitement waned.

And you still didn’t have the six-figure business...

Now that you’re here, I have good news for you! I have to tell you that the missing piece is something so obvious you could be forgiven for ignoring it.


What’s the missing piece?


It's YOUR BELIEFS and behaviours that determine the level of success you'll achieve.

How and what you think about everything; because how you do anything is how you do everything!

Here’s the truth: Yes you can buy all the strategies and techniques out there. Yes you can invest in business coaching too, but if you keep thinking the same thoughts, perpetuating the same beliefs and performing the same habits you won’t ever change your results.

Business and mindset coaching with me will help you to take your business to exciting new levels of success.

Are you ready for that?

If so, here’s to you finally having both the strategy AND the mindset for success!

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Jane Rapin

I've had the highs of a seven figure income and the lows of being flat broke. 

I've started businesses, closed businesses, lost businesses, embarked on career changes, moved countries, bought homes, lost homes, gone backwards, gone forwards, stayed stuck, broken free.

But through it all, I've known that the way I think is what will make the difference between failing or flying!

I've been called the Queen of Niche, and the Mindset Alchemist. I'm a certified business and mindset coach and I'm here to help you rewrite your inner stories and overcome self-sabotage.

I'm also a Psychologies featured coach, you can find out more HERE

What Others Say


Jane is like the Queen, when it comes to Niche!

Cornelia Constantinescu

Transformational Money Mindset Coach


Jane Rapin is a genius. As a lawyer, she has the business chops to understand and support any business ideas or pursuits, and as a mindset and money wizard, she has the deep knowledge of how humans really function and what gets in their way. And she has the tools to move those mountains – no matter how stuck.

I enlisted Jane’s help during a traffic jam of challenges. Six months later, my picture was entirely different – business, money, attitude. And with the high level expertise and talent Jane has, she could be a diva, but she is far from it. She is caring and kind and totally in her clients’ corners, like she loves them into shifts and success. I would recommend Jane to anyone looking for profound and lasting change.

Jan Sugar
CEO, Sugar Inc.


Am loving working with Jane! She's straight talking, no nonsense and gets to the heart of the matter.

I appreciate Jane's honesty, insights and commitment to helping me to hone my offering and serve in a bigger way. I leave the sessions with confidence, clarity and feeling more energised.

Highly recommend working with Jane if you want to take your business to the next level.

Sarah Sienkiewicz



Before coaching with Jane, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I couldn’t decide which direction to take my business or what to do next and, as a result, I was barely taking any action at all, let alone consistently. In just three sessions, Jane helped me to cut through the noise and focus on what was really important to me. 

I have a tendency to talk myself in circles, and in previous sessions with other coaches, I’ve often left even more confused than I began. Jane was strong enough to pull me back and keep me focused. I was able to let go of how I thought I “should” be doing things, to start trusting my own judgement, and finally be true to myself in my business. We even mapped out a powerful productivity strategy I’ll be using for the rest of my life (!!).

The overwhelm has disappeared, my passion is back, and I’m more consistent than ever. I can’t thank you enough, Jane.

K Gwynn


Jane is very professional, warm and she creates a safe coaching environment, where there is a lot of space to think. She has very good listening skills and is committed to support her coachee to achieve their goals. I could feel she was genuinely interested in what I was bringing to our sessions, and in my progress and my achievements.

Jane was playing back what I was saying and sharing what was coming to her mind. That helped me raise my awareness, which was an important dimension for me.

I could experience how good it is to feel championed and supported, when sharing successes or struggles.

I am in a transition period in my life and I feel much more confident, optimistic and relaxed about it now.

Thanks Jane!

Lauren G

HR Professional


Jane is very friendly and pragmatic. She has effectively spotted my needs and opened new perspectives that I could explore between sessions.

I have highly appreciated Jane’s capacity to let me foresee in only 30 minutes alternative ideas and ways of doing things. Her professional experience in a variety of contexts has certainly impressed me as one of her strengths. She also went an extra-mile by sending me a helpful short video she recorded “just for me” .

I have now a proof that it is possible to achieve tangible results in a 30-minutes coaching session.

Coaching with Jane has contributed to the consolidation of the “action plan” for my business in alignment with my values, aspirations and… time.

Lucia L



When I started the marketing portion for my business, I was very overwhelmed and intimated. I had so many ideas and did not even know where to start to write a capture statement. I really needed a breakthrough - I could not seem to move forward.

Jane was wonderful! She took my big ideas and broke them down step by step into manageable portions until I could found target markets and wrote a capture statement for each niche market. 

Jane has a truly remarkable skill to target ideas with precision and make them doable.

I now have great capture statements and am enjoying taking my marketing to a new level.

Myra Archer

Money Coach and Non-Profit Owner


I contacted Jane for a niche consultation for my coaching business and I am so pleased that I did!

Jane is an immensely friendly and approachable person whom I immediately felt at ease with. She initially set about finding out the areas that were of interest to me and then helped me to identify where best to focus on. She also gave me some great feedback on my existing marketing material as well as great tips on where to get further helpful information. 

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Jane.

Mike P



Before I started working with Jane my online income had pretty much stopped, but it started coming in again as we worked together, and now that amount has grown even more. She kindly but firmly takes you by the hand and leads you through to some amazing personal breakthroughs.

I feel as if I grew in so many other ways than just financial.

If you are stuck in your money issues, I highly recommend working with Jane.

Barb R


What Jane says about not labelling myself, that really resonated with me. It took the pressure off me and allowed me to be myself.

Giuseppe F

Content Marketer


In such a simple & straightforward manner, Jane deepened my understanding of niches. I can now easily take action without fearing that I’m choosing the wrong niche.

A Bray


Through the conversations with Jane, I've explored what it is I want to achieve. I'm on the right path. Jane gave me a structure and a daily routine. Wow, I'm shocked at how much we cover!

L Fletcher
Network Marketer


In only one call you opened up a way to think about my idealclients/niche , so I do not feel stuck anymore.
Getting  clear what I already deliver, helped me to decide where to stay focused, play with words around etc.
In  a very supportive, nourishing, soft way you brought yet a firm clarity and a playful creativity in my mess of focuses. Thank you Jane. You did great work.

Sigrid R
Physiotherapist & Coach

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